Beat ‘em up game ‘Streets of Rage 4’ revives memories!

Via, il y a 2 jours 8 heures 46 minutes 38 secondes

Discover more about Streets of Rage 4, the beat em up game. Part of a franchise, the gaming title is developed by Dotemu and is now available on major consoles.

Aaron Paul grabs role in ‘Dual’, a sci-fi thriller

Via, il y a 2 jours 8 heures 47 minutes 5 secondes

Have a look at Dual which has recently signed up Aaron Paul as well as Karen Gillan. The actors have joined the cast of the sci fi thriller helmed by Riley Stearns.

Jenji Kohan tackles ‘Social Distance’, an upcoming series

Via, il y a 2 jours 8 heures 47 minutes 33 secondes

Learn some more about Social Distance by Jenji Kohan. The television writer is working on a series written by Hilary Weisman Graham and directed by Diego Velasco

‘Pokémon Go’: Remote Raids added to the video game!

Via, il y a 2 jours 8 heures 48 minutes 20 secondes

Discover more about Pokemon Go, the video game. Niantic has announced that remote raids will go live to help players who are actually in home confinement.

The British band The 1975 is hosting a listening party!

Via, il y a 2 jours 8 heures 48 minutes 46 secondes

Find out more about The 1975, the British band. They are planning a listening party which is set to feature all the songs from their self titled album.

‘PUBG’: free access to the title on Google Stadia!

Via, il y a 2 jours 8 heures 49 minutes 15 secondes

Learn more about Google Stadia which is offering PUBG and Octopath Traveller for free. Indeed, the games along with many others will be available on the gaming service.

The TV show ‘Parks and Recreation’ is back for a special episode

Via, il y a 2 jours 8 heures 50 minutes 55 secondes

Find out more about Parks and Recreation, the TV show. Featuring Amy Poehler as the main character, it will return on NBC for a special episode to help raise funds.

‘Westworld’: ‘Crisis Theory’ will end season 3

Via, il y a 2 jours 8 heures 51 minutes 24 secondes

Find out more about Crisis Theory from Westworld. Starring Evan Rachel Wood and Thandie Newton, the series has reached the final episode of its third season.

Michael B. Jordan’s ‘Without Remorse’ will premiere at a later date

Via, il y a 2 jours 8 heures 51 minutes 56 secondes

Find out more about Without Remorse starring Michael B Jordan. The actor can be seen in the Tom Clancy novel adaptation thriller by Paramount.

The Beatles’ ‘Yellow Submarine’ to get a singalong version

Via, il y a 2 jours 8 heures 52 minutes 23 secondes

Take a look at Yellow Submarine from the Beatles. The movie will be transformed into a singalong edition by the rock band and feature all the classics.

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